Cyarra R.
About Cyarra:
Cyarra is in 1st grade @ Crismon Elementary with a class size of 1 teacher and 25 children.
Next school year, she'd like to attend a Montessori school with her 5 year old cousin, Violetta and her 10 year old cousin, Lillianna.

Cyarra's parents, Chris and Tara are able to afford $500 per month.

For 2019-2010, they need an additional $350 per month X 10 months = $3,500.00

Please consider redirecting up to $1,107 ($2,213 for married couples) of your 2018 Arizona state income tax to help pay for Cyarra's Montessori school tuition.

Thank you very much for considering! - Chris, Tara, and Cyarra
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